April 25, 2011

Using SQL Server and Delphi or RAD Studio? Don't miss this free webinar

If you're using Microsoft SQL Server, you won't want to miss this free webinar on building and tuning database-driven applications using RAD Studio and DB PowerStudio for SQL Server on April 26th. This is your last chance to register! If you can't make it to one of the the live sessions, register anyway and we'll send you a link to watch the replay.

DB PowerStudio for SQL Server is an intuitive, highly-visual toolset that complements SSMS with critical capabilities such as database change management and SQL optimization and tuning.

Take your database administration and development capabilities to the next level with:
  • a full-featured SQL IDE that helps you write quality SQL faster
  • visual diagnostics that pinpoint problematic queries and determine best solutions
  • a single interface for working with multiple SQL Server versions and databases
  • robust analytics which provide insight into database health

April 22, 2011

Get RAD Studio XE at the Delphi Price

In case you haven't seen, our big special offer of this quarter is your opportunity purchase RAD Studio XE at the Delphi price and get free TMS Smooth Controls.

Why is it so great to have full RAD Studio instead of just Delphi? You get more choices of languages, platforms and technologies so you can deliver more options to your customers and users. We're scheduling a webinar next month that goes into more depth on how to use the tools together, like creating a DataSnap server with Delphi or C++Builder and then having the choice to create client apps in native Windows with Delphi or C++Builder, .NET with Delphi Prism, or web-based clients with RadPHP.

April 12, 2011

Get your free TMS Smooth Controls for Delphi XE and C++Builder XE

We have a new free version of the TMS Smooth Controls Pack Special Edition available to registered users of RAD Studio XE, Delphi XE, C++Builder XE and All-Access XE.

It's officially included as part of the "Get full RAD Studio XE at the Delphi price" promotion for purchases between April 11 and June 30, 2011 but we're also making the controls available free to anyone who already owns Delphi XE, C++Builder XE, RAD Studio XE, All-Access XE.

If you're familiar with the TMS Smooth Controls Pack, you know you can use it to build really cool user interfaces with a smooth look and have access to additional types of controls not available in the base VCL component set. Like last time, this Special Edition is available in binary format and works with the XE versions of Delphi and C++Builder. TMS Software also sells a version that includes source code and support for older versions of Delphi and C++Builder if you need that.

April 8, 2011

Webinar on Building & Tuning SQL Server Database-Driven Applications with RAD Studio and DB PowerStudio

If you create applications with Delphi or RAD Studio that connect with Microsoft SQL Server databases, sign up for this new webinar to learn some of the secrets for delivering the highest performance applications.

We've also extended the discount on DB PowerStudio for SQL Server for users and purchasers of the Enterprise or Architect editions of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio so you get the very best deal.

Register now: Live Webinar on Building & Tuning SQL Server Database-Driven Applications
What can an RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder developer learn from a database developer? Apparently a lot! But as you'll see from this lively conversation with real-world examples, the walls are coming down and the main beneficiaries are applications that scream.


Webinar - Tuesday, April 26, 2011
  • 6:00 AM PDT / 9:00 AM EDT
  • 11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EDT
  • 5:00 PM PDT / 8:00 PM EDT
Join us live as Database Development Expert Scott Walz and Application Development Expert Al Mannarino work together to build and tune SQL-Server Database-Driven Apps that perform like never before.
In the process, you'll learn how to:
  • Open up the database "black box"
  • Debug code and stored procedures
  • Optimize SQL through the use of Visual SQL Tuning (VST) Diagrams, saving you hours or days of trouble-shooting and tuning
  • Identify "what if" scenarios and load test your code to see its impact on database performance
  • Use database development tools to extend your reach, expertise and value to your organization
Presented by:

s-walz-72 smallScott Walz, Senior Director, Product ManagementScott Walz has more than 15 years of experience in database development and administration and currently serves as the senior director of product management for Embarcadero Technologies. In this position, Scott oversees the direction of the company's database product family, while focusing on database development and administration products.
s-walz-72 smallAl Mannarino, Lead Systems Engineer & Evangelist
Al Mannarino has more than 25 years of software development experience, including object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) and developing and deploying production applications. He is currently a lead systems engineer and evangelist for Embarcadero Technologies. Prior to Embarcadero, Al served as a systems engineer for companies including Objectivity, Versant, Red Brick Systems, Information Builders, and was an electrical engineer for Grumman Aerospace where he performed real application implementations on complex electrical-mechanical systems.

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April 7, 2011

Are you deploying RAD Studio applications to the cloud on Amazon EC2?

Do you have a story to tell about using Amazon’s EC2 with RAD Studio?

Embarcadero would like to know about applications you've created with the RAD Studio family of products (Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism and RadPHP) and then deployed to the cloud on Amazon EC2.

We're looking for information on the types of applications you're deploying to the cloud, what your experience has been, and if we can talk with you further about it and maybe have you share your thoughts via a case study, a quote, or participate in a webcast with Embarcadero and Amazon.

Please submit your information at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/radstudioamazon

If you haven't deployed any applications to the cloud yet and want to learn more about it, check out the RAD in Action Cloud Computing webinar on-demand.

April 6, 2011

Delphi Open Tools API Webinar and White Paper

Creating IDE Extensions with the Delphi Open Tools API

Register for a free webinar happening today and download the free companion white paper at:

Embarcadero Delphi offers a rich API that enables developers to customize and extend the IDE in many ways. The APIs are under the umbrella "OTAPI", which is an acronym for Open Tools API. In this RAD in Action topic, we will explore a number of these APIs, and learn how to use them to create simple extensions.

In this webinar, presented by Bruno Fierens, we will explore the Delphi Open Tools API (OTAPI) in order to create different types of Delphi IDE extensions.

Topics covered in the webinar will include:

- accessing the project manager
- extending the Delphi Repository
- adding custom tool panel in the IDE
- accessing the IDE editor and adding an editor context menu item
- adding a plugin splash screen entry
- adding custom menu items in the Delphi IDE menu

The webinar will include small examples to illustrate the extensions, as well as showing a number of free production quality extensions published by TMS software.

April 5, 2011

Vote for Delphi in the Code Project Members Choice Awards

If you're a member of The Code Project web site (or want to become a member), be sure to vote for Delphi in their Member's Choice Awards at http://www.codeproject.com/script/Surveys/VoteForm.aspx?srvid=1139.

You can go to that link and either sign in if you're a member or join their site if you're not a member and then you can vote.

The voting runs through April 8th.

Delphi is nominated in two categories - Q16 and Q22 for General Development Tools and Programming Languages.

Our database studio counterpart to RAD Studio called DB PowerStudio is nominated in the SQL Server Tools category Q24 if you'd like to vote for it too.

April 4, 2011

Delphi 64-bit Compiler Sneak Preview and Beta - Official Announcement

The official Delphi 64-bit Compiler Sneak Preview is now available at: http://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi/64-bit.

You can watch a video with David I that shows the new compiler and gives an introduction to 64-bit and some tips for Delphi developers.

You can also fill out a form to get more information on the 64-bit compiler as it becomes available and to apply for the beta so you can try out the new compiler for yourself. Current registered users of Delphi XE and RAD Studio XE will get priority access (meaning they got to the front of the list that we will be adding to the beta). We'll add non-XE users as space is available.

Here's what the invite email looks like.

This one is real unlike the DelphiTools blog April Fool's posting over the weekend.

Hope you enjoy the preview and let me know if you have any questions.