October 31, 2012

News for C++Builder and RAD Studio users

If you're a C++Builder user or C++ developer, there are a lot of exciting things going on right now.

1) Free upgrade to C++Builder 64-bit for C++Builder XE3 and RAD Studio XE3 users

If you buy (or own) C++Builder XE3 Professional or higher, or RAD Studio XE3 then you will be able to download the C++Builder XE3 64-bit upgrade free of charge. The upgrade is expected to be available in December.

Learn more about the free C++Builder 64-bit offer

2) Special offers if you buy C++Builder XE3 now

You can qualify for up to three special offers if you buy C++Builder XE3 by December 31, 2012. See the offer information page for the details on which editions qualify for each offer.

  • Free HTML5 Builder - Buy C++Builder XE3 and get HTML5 Builder ($299 value) FREE!
  • Upgrade pricing from any earlier version - if you haven't upgrade from version 2007 or earlier yet, this is your chance to save up to 45% off the regular new user price
  • Get Ultimate edition at the Enterprise price - if you're developing data driven apps, this is your opportunity to get all the Enterprise edition functionality plus three great database tools at no extra cost (save up to $1,000)

Learn more about the limited time C++Builder special offers

3) If you're attending the QCon conference in San Francisco next week, be sure to check out JT's session on the resurgence of C++

Embarcadero Explores the Resurgence of C++ at QCon San Francisco

4) CodeRage 7 C++ Developer Conference

This year C++ developers and C++Builder users get their very own conference. The CodeRage C++ conference is coming December 10-12, 2012.

Register now for the free CodeRage 7 Online C++ Developer Conference

October 27, 2012

Delphi, RAD Studio and C++Builder upgrades from any earlier version until December 31, 2012

Upgrade pricing on Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio is generally available only to registered users of the prior few versions but from time to time, upgrade pricing is made available to all earlier version users for a limited time.

A few more things to keep in mind:
  • In addition to getting the upgrade price, there are several other great offers going on right now that you can also take advantage of
  • If you're a version 2009 or earlier version user, you only qualify for upgrade pricing until December 31, 2012. After the special upgrade amnesty period, you have to pay the new user price to move up to XE3
  • This offer applies to users of Professional edition and above. Starter edition and Academic products don't qualify.
You can see more info and FAQs on this and all the latest offers at http://www.embarcadero.com/en/radoffer.

October 25, 2012

Less than 2 weeks until the CodeRage Delphi Conference - Register Now!

Time is running out to register for the CodeRage Delphi Conference - November 6-8, 2012

If you’re a software developer, this is your kind of conference. It’s technical. It’s flexible. It’s free! CodeRage serves up real-world technical sessions designed to provide you with information you can put to work immediately in your projects, in your environment.

Click here to register for CodeRage!

CodeRage brings you top industry speakers and technologists presenting on a wide variety of topics, all geared toward maximizing your productivity. Session and presenter highlights include:

  • Delphi Product Address – John Thomas
  • What’s new in the Delphi language – Bob Swart
  • IDE productivity tips and techniques – Brian Long
  • New features of FireMonkey FM2 – Darren Kosinski
  • Building multi-tier systems with DataSnap XE3 – Pawel Glowacki
  • Discover LiveBindings advanced features – Jim Tierney

...and so much more!

Attend the live online sessions and interact with session leaders and your peers. Can’t make a session? No problem, return at your convenience and watch a video replay on-demand. Whatever you do…REGISTER TODAY!

CodeRage 7 sponsors include: Atozed Software, DevJet Software, Fast Reports Inc, /n software, Raize Software, Scooter Software, SmartBear and Steema Software.

October 1, 2012

Embarcadero Developer Tools Pave the Way to Windows 8

It's hard to believe it's already October. Of course that means the official launch of Windows 8 is rapidly approaching. Today Embarcadero issued a press release about that and ERPLY who are using Delphi for their point-of-sale application for Windows 8. It's part of a series of items you'll see related to the launch of Windows 8.

Keep in mind that you don't have to be using Windows 8 to get started with Metropolis Windows 8 style development in the RAD Studio XE3 tools. You can do almost everything even if your development machine is running on Windows 7 or earlier. And your apps with have the Windows 8 look and functionality (like touch support) when they run on any version of Windows back to Windows XP. The only thing I know of that actually requires Windows 8 on your dev machine or at runtime is if you want to use the Live Tile integration features.

Here's the press release:

Embarcadero Developer Tools Pave the Way to Windows 8

Software Vendors, Such as ERPLY, Move Early for Competitive Advantage

SAN FRANCISCO — Oct. 1, 2012 — Embarcadero Technologies' customers worldwide are gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging the latest version of RAD Studio to quickly migrate existing applications to the Windows 8 user experience. ERPLY, a RAD Studio customer and a software vendor with offices in New York, London and Tallinn, provides Software as a Service for commercial retail inventory and e-commerce, handling data across physical shops, online stores and warehouses.

"We see a clear competitive advantage to early implementation of the Windows 8 user experience," said Kris Hiiemaa, chief executive officer of ERPLY. "We have already migrated our Embarcadero Delphi-based point-of-sale application to Windows 8. We are now using the newest Embarcadero release and are excited with the roadmap to iOS/Android."

Windows 8 provides a very distinctive user interface with support for touch, gestures, and live tiles across desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Thousands of apps are already available, and as Windows 8 achieves its official GA, expected October 26th, Windows 8 adoption will quickly increase as it will become the primary operating system installed on new PCs beginning this fall.

The new Embarcadero development products RAD Studio XE3, Delphi XE3 and C++Builder XE3, released in September, include Metropolis, the fastest path to the Windows 8 user experience. With Metropolis, the Windows 8 user experience does not require rewriting or developing new applications in Windows RT. Metropolis applications also have the distinct advantage of supporting the Windows 8 style across multiple Windows versions enabling developers to cover the widest population of PCs with the new Windows UI style. Additional benefits include:
  • Existing Windows desktop apps can be quickly updated to the Windows 8 user experience
  • New Windows 8 apps are rapidly and visually developed in C++ or Delphi with the new Windows 8 Metropolis UI and integrated touch support
  • Software developers can deliver a single application with Windows 8 style that runs across multiple versions of Windows including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • Developers starting with Metropolis today can have new and existing applications ready for the Windows 8 fall launch kicking off October 26th
"Windows 8 is a major release with significant backing by Microsoft," said Michael Swindell, senior vice president of marketing and product management at Embarcadero. "Though all major Windows upgrades have an adoption curve, software purchasing decisions in the $160b packaged software market are immediately influenced by and biased toward support for the latest Windows versions. Software vendors that support Windows 8 and the new Windows UI style early will benefit from the market momentum and will enjoy an early mover competitive advantage. Embarcadero developer tools make Windows 8 a fast, easy and low-risk move."

For more information on Embarcadero development tools, see http://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio.

About Embarcadero Technologies

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of award-winning tools for application developers and database professionals so they can design systems right, build them faster and run them better, regardless of their platform or programming language. Ninety of the Fortune 100 and an active community of more than three million users worldwide rely on Embarcadero products to increase productivity, reduce costs, simplify change management and compliance, and accelerate innovation. Founded in 1993, Embarcadero is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices located around the world. www.embarcadero.com.

Press Contact:
Kristina Lanpheir
Kulesa Faul for Embarcadero Technologies