October 22, 2009

DevExpress Update with new ExpressLayout control coming soon

Just saw this in the Developer Express newsletter. The new ExpressLayout control looks really nice.

Lowdown on the VCL Component Suite

Build v47 of our suite of VCL controls is teetering on the edge of a full release. It's so tantalizing close that Richard Morris couldn't resist getting a look in and seeing what the development team were working on. Build v47 includes a brand new major release of ExpressLayout Control v2 and a new beta of the upcoming major update to the ExpressPrinting library v4. It's all systems go for the team as they count down to the release. So while you're hitting F5 on one screen why not take a look at Richard's preview and drop us a line with your feedback.
More new VCL controls - v47 and a new ExpressLayout Control

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