November 20, 2009

Delphi 2010 hands on review from TechRepublic

Here's a nice review of Delphi 2010 from TechRepublic

A developer's hands-on review of Delphi 2010
Justin James

"If you want to do Windows development, and you want to work with native code in a native style, I think that Delphi 2010 is a very productive tool. It combines a lot that really saves time (such as DataSnap and IDE Insight) with the power and flexibility of native code. If you need support for certain functionality (especially touch-related items), it is the only shipping product on the market that does these things.

Every time I work with the Embarcadero team, I feel like they are writing the tools that they would love to use; they really are “developers’ developers,” and they understand the development process very well and implement it as tools quite nicely."

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