April 26, 2010

dbExpress Database Access Components in Delphi - Delphi 101

Delphi Product Manager Mike Rozlog recently recorded a couple introductory videos on database application development with Delphi.

This tutorial video describes how to use the dbExpress database access components in Delphi and RAD Studio along with a demonstration of rapidly building a database application with the Firebird database. This is part of our RAD in Action - Database Application Development marketing campaign.

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Mohammed Nasman said...

I've been seeing similar samples and tutorials since long time with previous version of Delphi.

I think you need to do more real world examples, not just drag and drop example, that show the real power of Delphi, not just drag and drop operations for the newbies.

Kevin Killion said...

Like MANY other Delphi DB tutorials, this video skips a very crucial step! At 0:36, Rozlog mentions connecting to a database, and he shows how to do that as 1:24. BUT ... WHERE DID THAT DATABASE COME FROM? As a "Delphi 101", this vital prerequisite should be included. Otherwise, it's like taking classes in flying, navigation, aircraft mechanics, and then realizing you need an airplane.

Tim said...

Thanks for the good comments.