May 20, 2010

Share your thoughts - Embarcadero developer survey

If you haven't taken this survey yet, please help us out and share your thoughts. It should just take a few minutes.

Dear Friends --

We are conducting a brief survey to learn more about the application development market – what challenges developers face this year and day to day, the technologies and tools they’re using, and where they see opportunity. If you’re a developer or involved in development for your organization, please take 5 minutes to complete this survey.

We know your time is valuable. To thank you for your participation, we are offering a chance to win an Amazon Kindle worth $250. All results and comments will be kept anonymous.

Thanks in advance,

Embarcadero Technologies

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The questions about databases in use don't accept only "Other" responses - a choice from one of the listed databases is required.
No real opportunity to offer comments on other matters. What is REALLY important to me is to be able to use the VCL effectively and reliably. There are STILL bugs and shortcomings despite its now being generation 14 of the VCL. If the BASIC tools still don't work properly, how does Embarcadero expect to win back users?
And of course, there's the perpetual DOCUMENTATION shortcomings. What's the point of adding new features if the existing ones - when they work - aren't effectively documented?