October 28, 2010

Preview of the New RAD Studio and Delphi Magazine Ad

Here's a look at our new ad that will premiere in the November 15th issue of SD Times magazine. It promotes RAD Studio XE and the four tools that make up RAD Studio. It also includes a DataSnap architecture diagram and information on the key values of RAD Studio, including the cloud development capabilities of RAD Studio XE with Windows Azure (see video) and Amazon EC2 (see video) that will tie in with the cloud computing theme of that issue of the magazine.


Anonymous said...

I really like the OrgChart of the RAD Studio XE features. The first thing that I saw is cyclist at the bottom of the page. The analogy of the cyclist and dope is amazing. What kind of message Embarcadero likes to get ?

Anonymous said...

Aside from cyclists being the fastest humans under their own power, there's little to associate RAD Studio with the bad eggs present in every sport.

Tim said...

You never know. That could be a line in the next ad. Delphi - the legal performance enhancer for software developers.