August 10, 2011

Delphi Live Early Bird Discount

We just sent out this email about Delphi Live. I'm planning to be there and looking forward to seeing everyone there and maybe even interviewing you to create some videos for our web site.

Delphi Live! – The Delphi Developer Conference 2011 
September 12-14, 2011 San Jose, CA 

Early Bird Discounts only available until August 15th, 2011! 
Register Now and save up to $150 

Make sure to sign up for Delphi Live! before August 15th to save up to $150 with our exciting Early Bird Discounts!

The word is out! Delphi XE2 is the fastest way to build native Windows, Mac and iOS applications. At Delphi Live! 2011 in San Jose, you will learn how to deliver ultra-rich and visually stunning native applications for Windows, Mac and iOS, allowing developers to dramatically reduce coding time and build applications faster with Embarcadero® Delphi® XE2, now with FireMonkey™.

Delphi Live! also gives attendees the opportunity to prepare for your Delphi Developer Exam in a special tutorial led by Jeroen Pluimers!

On top of all that, a fantastic choice of sessions awaits, delivered by renowned speakers such as:

  • Mathew DeLong
  • Francois Gaillard
  • Nick Hodges
  • Ray Konopka
  • Robert Love
  • Cesar Marrero
  • Jon Robertson 
 ...and many more to be announced!

New Sessions – just announced: 

Skinning VCL Applications 
Ray Konopka, Raize Software 
 RAD Studio XE2 offers support for skinning - the ability to dynamically change the appearance of UI elements without coding changes. This session provides a detailed look at how a developer can leverage skinning in their apps, and how to identify potential issues. In addition, this session pays particular attention to adding skinning support to custom VCL controls.

Effectively Using CodeSite Express in RAD Studio XE2 
Ray Konopka, Raize Software 
CodeSite Express first appeared in RAD Studio XE. With the release of RAD Studio XE2, a new version of CodeSite Express is available. This session will highlight the the new features of CodeSite Express 5 and how RAD Studio developers can leverage them.

Creating Custom FireMonkey Controls 
Ray Konopka. Raize Software 
RAD Studio XE2 includes the brand new FireMonkey user interface framework. Like the VCL, FireMonkey is component-based, but unlike the VCL, FireMonkey is designed to be cross-platform. This session will provide you with what you need to get started building custom FireMonkey controls. Specific topics will include presentation mechanisms, user interactions, designer functionality, and deployment.

Delphi and XML 
Jeroen Pluimers, better office benelux 
During this session you will learn how you can use XML from Delphi. A few of the topics:

  •  What is XML (XML document basics, well formed XML, valid XML) 
  • XSD to specify XML structure validate XML documents
  • DOM: the XML Document Object Model; which DOMs can you use from Delphi
  • XPath: querying XML, how to do this from Delphi
  • Fundamental differences between XML data structure and Delphi data structures
  • Mapping XML Data Binding: generating units from XML or XSD, what does Delphi cover and what not
  • Showing XML using Internet Explorer in Delphi
  • XML Character encodings. You will see many demo programs from the library explained. 

Introduction to Live Binding 
Jim Tierney, Embarcadero Technologies 
This session introduces Live Binding. Live Binding is the new data binding system for VCL and FireMonkey. This session will introduce key concepts include the binding engine, scopes, converters, methods, binding components, and custom components.

Live Binding Examples 
Jim Tierney, Embarcadero Technologies 
This session will demonstrate how to use Live Binding in practice. Examples include populating lists, TDataSet editing, control synchronization, using custom data. Both VCL and FireMonkey applications will be demonstrated.

All the latest information on speakers and sessions is available at:

And don’t forget: Make sure you sign up for Delphi Live! before August 15th to save up to $150 with our exciting Early Bird Discounts!

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