May 18, 2012

Update 4 Hotfix 1 now available for Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE2

There's a new hotfix available for users with Delphi XE2, RAD Studio XE2 or C++Builder XE2 Update 4.

This Hotfix includes fixes for the following:
  • 25777/QC 103933
    Fixes issue where the in-place editor in TGrid and TStringGrid is only drawn for the first column.
  • 25786/QC 103786
    Fixes issue where FireMonkey text rendering for fonts was blurry with GDI+.
  • 25255/QC 102941
    Fixes FireMonkey AnimateFloat stack overflow error.
  • 25844
    Fixes FireMonkey painting performance problem.
  • 26078
    Fixes issue where *.fmx file size was growing with every save of a FireMonkey 3D form.
  • 25656/QC 103873
    Fixes the issue of 403 extra exported items when you create a package (C++).
  • 26664/QC 104210
    Fixes the issue of a FireMonkey HD form being unresponsive after user unlock.
  • 27453/QC 104945, 27479, 26827/QC 104116
    Fixes TClientDataSet.close error using TSocketconnection.
    Fixes TClientDataSet failure to connect to a Midas Server via TSocketConnection.
    Fixes error when assigning a null string to an OLE property.
  • 26670/QC 104073
    Fixes the Access violation in TControl3D.
  • 27216
    Enables users to submmit iOS applications to the App Store.
  • 25942
    Fixes Run > Attach to Process.

This hotfix is an MSI-based patch.

You can apply this hotfix over any of the following products:
  • Delphi XE2 with Update 4
  • C++Builder XE2 with Update 4
  • RAD Studio XE2 with Update 4

To install the Hotfix:
  • Download this zip file to your computer.
  • Extract and install: Extract the zip file and run the contained setup.exe.
  • Install the FireMonkey-iOS.dmg disk image file:
    • Transfer the FireMonkey-iOS.dmg disk image file to the Mac.
    • On the Mac, double-click FireMonkey-iOS.dmg.
    • On the Mac, run the installer extracted from each package.
There is no uninstall required. If you previously installed the FireMonkey iOS tools, you should run the new installer for this Hotfix


Atle Smelvaer said...

What about the RTL function STR. Your pascal rewrite in XE2 destroyed this important function, and the crash type is critical. Commonly used a lot of places.

Is it fixed in the update?

Tim said...

It doesn't say it was fixed in the updated and the QC status hasn't been updated to say it's fixed so my guess is no.

I'll pass along your comment to the team.