May 28, 2013

Delphi XE4 Instant Trial Now Available

You may have heard about the RAD Studio XE4 Instant Trial that reduces install and setup time significantly compared to the standard trial download so you can get up and running to build your first app in about 10 minutes.

Now there's a new Delphi XE4 Instant Trial. If you haven't downloaded a trial of Delphi XE4 yet, give the new Instant Trial a try.

Try for Free

Try Delphi for FREE

Try Delphi XE4 FREE for 30 days. Choose Download Trial for a complete product install or try our new Instant Trial technology to get up and running in minutes.
Download Delphi or 
You can also learn more about the Instant Trial technology in this press release.

And you can learn how Delphi XE4 is the fast, easy way to build true native apps for iOS and other cool platforms on the Embarcadero web site.

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