July 13, 2013

Missed CodeRage Mobile? Watch it on demand!

If you weren't able to make it to last month's CodeRage Mobile online developer conference, now you can watch all the sessions on demand.

If you're creating mobile apps with Delphi or RAD Studio XE4 or if you're interested in mobile development but haven't started yet, you'll want to check out the session replays.

Sessions include:

  • CodeRage Mobile Opening Keynote - John Thomas. Steve Haney and David I
  • Introduction to iOS Application Development with Delphi XE4 - David Intersimone
  • What's new in the RAD Studio XE4 IDE for Mobile Development - Jose Leon
  • The Delphi Language for Mobile Development - Marco Cantu
  • iOS and Multi-Tier - Pawel Glowacki
  • Build Great iOS UIs - Sarina DuPont
  • Adding iOS Sensor Support to Mobile Applications - Anders Ohlsson
...And many more

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