October 23, 2013

History of Innovation: Delphi 1 through Delphi XE5

David I just put together a great set of slides that shows new features added to Delphi by version from Delphi 1 through Delphi XE5. You can take a walk back in time to see when your favorite features and technologies were added.

Or if you're still using an older version, you can see recently added features you're missing out on.

Upgrade Offer: From now through December 31, 2013, users of any earlier version of Delphi get an upgrade discount on XE5 with savings of up to 45% off the regular price. Click here for upgrade offer details

Did you know you can now create Android, iOS, Windows and OS X apps with Delphi? Whether you know it as Borland Delphi, CodeGear Delphi or Embarcadero Delphi, this presentation shows you new features by version from Delphi 1 through Delphi XE5.

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