May 8, 2014

Create Secure Database Applications with RAD Studio and InterBase

Data security is a hot topic right now. When it comes to securing your data and applications, small changes can make a massive difference. If you want to learn how to help reduce the risk of being hit by the next Heartbleed and how to reduce the time and effort to managing security, then this webinar is for you.

Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • Preventing privilege abuse using role based authentication
  • Avoiding database communication protocol vulnerabilities
  • Parameterized queries and defending against SQL injection
  • The dangers of unencrypted file storage and backups
  • Consistent security across multiple platforms with InterBase

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Attend the webinar and gain knowledge in these important areas of data security. You’ll learn about these potential dangers and how to address them before it’s too late. You will also learn why InterBase is the database of choice for so many enterprises and VARs who develop applications with RAD Studio, C++Builder and Delphi.


alcalde said...

>You will also learn why InterBase is the database of choice for so many
>enterprises and VARs who develop applications with RAD Studio,
>C++Builder and Delphi.

Why would Interbase be the choice of enterprises that specifically develop with Embarcadero language tools? Posing the question like that, you're begging the answer "because it comes in the box". :-( I'm not sure that's worded the best way.

If I attend this webinar, per the last bit is it going to address Interbase's strengths vs. other database solutions or only synergy for those who are already using the other products in Embarcadero's ecosystem? In other words, would it interest those who aren't using RAD Studio but are exploring database solutions?

Tim said...

Yes, it will be of interest to all developers. The general description of the webinar (on the reg form and invite emails) mentions VARs and enterprises. For this post on a Delphi-specific blog, I tied in the Delphi and RAD Studio product names to show the relevance.