January 25, 2015

Selecting Which Data Access Components (DAC) to Use with RAD Studio XE7

FireDAC, DataSnap, dbExpress, IBX and dbGo are all options available out of the box to Delphi/C++Buider programmers. Faced with these choices how should you make the decision on which database access layer to use in your applications. Some of the factors that may influence your decision can include: 1) Ability to connect to particular database servers, 2) Support for server side database server features, 3) Component interfaces and style of programming required and 4) Support for advanced client side features. We'll take an overview look at all the different database technologies that come with XE7 and discuss how they compare in these regards and others.

This is a video replay from the CodeRage 9 online developer conference.

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    Soul Intruder said...

    From when FireDAC is "out of the box"? You need to pay for it.

    You've probably meant "components offered by Embarcadero".