August 17, 2009

Borland Tools Update Includes Windows 7 Support

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Borland Tools Update Includes Windows 7 Support
Old Delphi and C++Builder catch up to the 21st century with Embarcadero's new features for modern development technologies.

The RAD Studio 2010 suite launches August 25, with upgrades to the Delphi, C++ and Delphi Prism tools. Delphi Prism is Delphi specifically tuned for writing .Net applications using the Visual Studio Shell, instead of stand-alone apps like traditional Delphi.

One of the biggest changes is the addition of support for Windows 7. Support for touch/multi-touch and mouse-based gestures is also included which extends to older versions of Windows. Thanks to Embarcadero's own gesture libraries, Delphi 2010 can import code written from its 1.0 version back in the 1990s and turn it into a gesture-based application.

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