August 28, 2009

Getting touchy with The Register's review of RAD Studio 2009

The Register, who always seem to have an interesting spin on things, covers Embarcadero's announcement of RAD Studio 2010 and the new touch and gesturing support.

Interesting how the article says "Unless there's some radical expansion in Windows' touch and gesture capabilities out of the box, this type of input in Windows will likely remain a domain-specific experience limited to vertical sectors and is unlikely to become as ubiquitous as, say, the iPhone touch experience."

I personally don't think the acceptance of touch and gesture hardware is dependent on Microsoft radically expanding the touch capabilities of Windows beyond what's there already. I think we have the solution and the hardware options are expanding so we should expect the market for touch apps to expand. And when that all happens, users of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio will be ahead of the game and ready to deliver those apps.

See the full article Embarcadero gets touchy with Windows 7 RAD.

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