September 7, 2009

Session overview for CodeRage Day 1 - starts at 5:00AM Pacific

The CodeRage online conference starts at 5am Pacific Time tomorrow morning. I'm putting together the list of sessions I'm going to attend (or log into) using the CodeRage presentations agenda. Remember, the conference is free and you can attend as few or as many sessions as you want.

CodeRage Hour 1
The day starts off with sessions on Subversion version control and reporting. If I'm awake that early, I might check out the FastReport reporting session even though I have Rave Reports and am looking forward to seeing QuickReport for Delphi 2010. The Subversion session should be interesting too.

CodeRage Hour 2
Next up are a session from Olaf Monien on VCL for the Web and Pawel Glowacki on Enterprise Applications with Delphi. I've seen Olaf's sessions a couple times before and he gives good information on how to build web apps in the Delphi way using VCL for the Web (also known as IntraWeb). I'm looking forward to Pawel's presentation because I always learn something new from him.

CodeRage Hour 3
Mike Rozlog presents the RAD Studio Product Address. There should also be an updated Delphi and C++Builder Roadmap posted shortly after the conference that contains the updated information that he presents in the session.

CodeRage Hour 4
Barry Kelly talks about RTTI in Delphi and Joe Mele presents a session on #Install SDK. Some time back, I had lunch with Barry and Nick Hodges and there was a totally great conversation about all the possible future innovations for the Delphi language. It's great to see those new things now appearing in each new version of Delphi.

CodeRage Hour 5
If you didn't get to see Jim McKeeth's session on Aspect Oriented Programming with Delphi Prism at the Delphi Live! conference, here's your chance. He gives an overview of AOP and why developers might want to use it as well as examples of how to do AOP with Delphi Prism. In an interesting choice of scheduling, there's another Delphi Prism related session at the same time when Hadi Hariri presents ASP.NET MVC in Delphi Prism. Since I already saw Jim's session at Delphi Live!, I'll be watching the ASP.NET MVC session this hour.

CodeRage Hour 6
This hour has a choice between a more technical session on CrossTalk and a more business focused session on reducing total cost of ownership of software with Embarcadero All-Access. I haven't had a chance to see CrossTalk yet, but people here who have tried it are pretty excited about it. I'm looking forward to learning more about it.

CodeRage Hour 7
In this hour Chris Bensen does a presentation on touch and gesture app development and Greg Nerpouni covers database change management for developers. You may remember seeing Chris earlier in the sneak preview video on building touch and gesture enabled applications with Delphi and C++Builder 2010. In this full length session he'll have time to go into a lot more deatil. I've had a chance to see some of his cool nature photos at an art festival here so I know he has a good eye and perspective when it comes to design and I'm sure he'll have some good tips on good UI design practices for touch enabled apps. Greg's session on Change Manager should be interesting too. Change Manager is a really useful tool for understanding changes to your databases and helping troubleshoot any problems that may occur as a result of earlier changes.

And that's my plan for the first half of the first day of CodeRage.

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