October 15, 2009

Delphi Trial Follow-Up Email

In some countries, after a user downloads a Delphi 2010 trial, they receive a set of automated follow-up emails that provide information to help them learn about the product and have a great trial experience. I was just working on updated emails for Delphi 2010 for the US and Canada. Here's an example of one of them.

We hope you're enjoying your Delphi® trial

We've compiled a set of free resources and tips that will help you with your evaluation:
  • Reviewer’s Guide – View the RAD Studio 2010 Reviewer’s Guide for an overview of the key features of Delphi and tips on how to get started
  • Videos – Visit our extensive video library to learn IDE tips and tricks and see demonstrations on building many types of applications with Delphi
  • Web site – Visit the Delphi product pages for detailed feature information, FAQs and other helpful information

Don’t forget to try all the tools included in Delphi Architect edition:
  • Delphi – the fastest way to build native Windows applications
  • ER/Studio for database modeling and design
  • InterBase Developer Edition, a free version of the popular relational database that you can use for development and testing purposes
  •  Additional tools and components including InstallAware Express for creating product installs, and a wide variety of other tools and components from Embarcadero partners

If you missed installing any of those additional tools the first time around, now is a great time to go back to the install launcher to install them and try them out.

Ready to buy?

Thank you,

The Embarcadero Delphi Team

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