November 21, 2009

DBArtisan for SQL Azure Free Download

Embarcadero recently announced DBArtisan, a really useful database administration tool for SQL Azure.

You can get a free download of DBArtisan for SQL Azure here.

Embarcadero DBArtisan for SQL Azure enables organizations to more quickly deploy cloud applications and transfer data to the SQL Azure infrastructure. DBArtisan makes it easier to build both on-premise and cloud-based SQL Azure Database deployments. DBArtisan’s schema extraction and migration facilities provide seamless synchronization of data between a SQL Server database and SQL Azure. This combination of databases on and off premises help organizations reduce in-house IT infrastructure costs and increase availability of certain data sets to offsite consumers.

Why Use DBArtisan?

SQL Azure is a natural choice for enterprise cloud implementations and especially for enterprises already using SQL Server. SQL Server users can leverage their existing knowledge in T-SQL development and a familiar relational data model to achieve symmetry between SQL Azure and existing on-premises databases. DBArtisan’s schema extraction and migration let developers quickly migrate the existing SQL Server database schema to SQL Azure.

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