June 12, 2010

Help raise money for cancer research + Delphi marketing this week

It's the weekend, so I'll do a halfway off-topic blog post.

If you'd like to help one of my co-workers raise money for cancer research in the American Cancer Society Relay for life, here's a link: http://bit.ly/findlinghats. It's a great charity so please help out with his fundraising if you can.

And just to not totally be off-topic, here are some of the Delphi-related things I worked on this week:


IL said...

Thank you for the articles you published. Please expand comment form vertically, I can't see word verification and post comment button. Lowering google ads should add a value to user experience.

Tim said...

Thanks for the comment. I fixed the layout and change the comment box to a pop-up since I couldn't find any way to edit the size of the embedded one.

Kevin Killion said...

"RAD Studio (Delphi and C++Builder) Help Update 3 was released and posted and is available via the auto update mechanism in the product"

Huh, really? The current "Welcome" page doesn't mention this, and my "About ... Delphi" box refers to Help Update 2, not 3. ANY update to Help has got to be valuable, if only to make it less awful.

When I installed D2010, I was consciously aware of ticking the box for automatic updates. Lot of good that did, I guess.

Nonetheless, if there is a command or a setting anywhere within the IDE for updates I sure as heck can't find it. Even the hallowed IDE Insight thing has nothing relevant for "automatic" or "update".

Tim said...

Just realized I missed replying to this one. The Help Update was taken off the auto update system for a short time because there was an issue with an extra space in a description string that made it keep prompting users to install it again after it had already been installed. That has been fixed and it's available via both the check for updates system and the registered user download page.