November 9, 2010

Expanded Application Showcase - See more apps built with Delphi

We've expanded the Delphi and C++Builder Application Showcase and more than doubled the number of Delphi apps featured in it.

We've also added filtering options by product for Delphi and C++Builder and by category.

Thank you to everyone who submitted apps for your patience while we got them in there. We've added all the apps we have screen shots for. If you submitted your app via the survey form but haven't sent a screen shot, it's not too late to send it now to tim.delchiaro at If you want to submit a new app for the showcase, there are links at the bottom of the app showcase page.


Alexandre Caldas Machado said...

I've seen the Delphi and C++Builder app showcase before. Can you point me the new applications that weren't there before?

Tim said...

There were 100 added. There isn't a way for you to filter to see just the new ones so I posted the list as an EDN article at:

Ron Grove said...

Very nice! I look forward to looking through them.

Foersom said...

Great Tim. Could the show case have a tooltip with the application name when hovering above a screen shot?

Thanks also for the article link with the text overview.

I will soon try to check which ones from your list are missing and could be added to the Delphi Wiki App list.

Doei RIF