January 25, 2011

Delphi Developer Days 2011

Another Delphi-related event to not miss...

Top Delphi experts Marco Cantù and Cary Jensen are teaming up again for a Delphi Developer Days tour in 2011. Whether you are using the latest version of Delphi, or are developing with an older version, you will come away with a lot of information that will improve your development and make you more productive.

Dates and Locations:

  • Washington DC / BWI Area - April 11-12, 2011
  • Houston, TX - April 14-15, 2011
  • Frankfurt, Germany - May 12-13, 2011
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands - May 16-17, 2011

Learn more at at Delphi Developer Days web site and get the special early bird pricing while it lasts

During the two-day event you will experience both joint sessions, presented by Cary and Marco together, as well as simultaneous tracks, where Marco and Cary break out into separate rooms to present individual topics. Among the topics presented jointly are Delphi COM development and why it's still important, 64-Bit Delphi preview and how to get ready for it, and Delphi Tips, Tricks, and Techniques where Marco and Cary share their latest favorite (and often unknown) Delphi techniques. Like the joint sessions, the individual sessions cover both current and earlier versions of Delphi. Marco presents sessions on source control using Subversion and Delphi, DataSnap REST Servers with jQuery, as well as how to develop VCL components. Likewise, Cary offers sessions on getting current with Delphi's VCL and RTL enhancements from 2005 to the present, building DataSnap servers and clients as well as essential debugging techniques. These are just a few of the exciting sessions that are scheduled.

Cary and Marco team up at the end of each day for a Delphi round table. Here you will also have the opportunity to ask them about any of the material that they covered during the event, as well explore other Delphi questions that you might have. We will also have a special guest speaker presentation at the end of the first day. Guest speakers vary by city, and include Nick Hodges in DC/Baltimore, Bob Swart (DrBob42.com) in Amsterdam, and Bruno Fierens of TMS software in Frankfurt.

And you will not miss out on a thing, even if you have to choose between two equally interesting sessions. All attendees receive detailed course books (several hundred pages in length) that cover all topics covered during the event, written by Marco and Cary. You also receive source code for all projects that are explored during every session. There are only 35 seats available in each city, so register today to reserve your spot for this special event.

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Cary Jensen said...

Thanks for the nice post. By the way, we have our final guest speaker lined up for Houston. We are fortunate to have Jim McKeeth of RemObjects Software and The Podcast at Delphi.org. He will be speaking on Delphi Prism and native Delphi interoperability with a dose of mobile development.