January 17, 2011

Free webinar with Marco Cantù on REST and DataSnap with Delphi XE

You're invited to join us for a free webinar with Delphi expert Marco Cantù on building REST applications using DataSnap in Delphi XE and RAD Studio XE.

You can register for the webinar, download the free white paper and code samples, and watch a series of tutorial videos at http://www.embarcadero.com/rad-in-action/datasnap-rest.

Marco Cantù presents: Building REST-based applications using DataSnap in Delphi XE 
Free Webinar Jan 27, 2011 

Three sessions to choose from

Join Embarcadero and Delphi expert Marco Cantù for an informative web seminar where you’ll learn how to build web applications in Delphi XE with DataSnap, REST and jQuery.

DataSnap is a flexible multi-tier application development technology available in RAD Studio XE with options to create client applications in Delphi, C++, .NET, PHP and JavaScript.

This presentation focuses on a specific new feature of DataSnap in Delphi XE: the support for the development of REST servers with a JavaScript client.

Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • Creating a DataSnap server in Delphi and looking at the Delphi and JavaScript code produced by the DataSnap REST Application Wizard 
  • A focus on some of the server features - the data types you can return, the session management, the authentication and authorization support, and the filtering mechanism 
  • How we can expand on the client side by using the jQuery library 
  • We'll also see how we can use the Delphi server to generate some JavaScript to speed up and simplify development.

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