March 5, 2011

Extra chance to upgrade for 2006 and earlier users

Despite our best efforts to inform Delphi, C++Builder and Borland Developer Studio 2006 users that their opportunity to upgrade to XE was expiring Dec 31, 2010, some of those users didn't get the information. It may be because they have opted out of emails from Embarcadero (or previously from CodeGear, Borland or Inprise) or if they didn't see the information on our web site and in the upgrade qualifications for the new version.

We were happy to get the approval to re-open upgrade pricing to 2006 users and to earlier users of Delphi, C++Builder and Borland Developer Studio for the month of March to give them another opportunity to get upgrade pricing.

If you're considering an Enterprise upgrade, you can combine this with the Enterprise edition upgrade discounts that we're currently offering and save even more.

Here's a copy of the US/Canada version of the email about this offer. This went out to registered users of 2006 and earlier versions who haven't upgraded to a 2007 or later version.

Embarcadero Technologies
RAD Studio XE Special Upgrade Offer
Please Accept Our Apologies and this Special Opportunity to Upgrade to RAD Studio XE, Delphi XE or C++Builder XE
We’ve heard that not all registered users were aware that the upgrade eligibility for users of 2006 and earlier versions of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio/Borland Developer Studio has expired.

If you didn’t get the word, we want to make it up to you so we’re re-opening the upgrade window for a limited time and extending upgrade pricing to you through March 31, 2011 to make sure you have a chance to receive the upgrade price.

"XE is a superb upgrade." - David Taylor

Five Key Reasons to Upgrade to XE today
  1. Catch up with the latest technologies and platform support – with XE you get Unicode, Windows 7 support, Office-style ribbon controls, touch and gesture input, the latest database drivers, cloud computing and much more!
  2. Get your work done faster and easier with new tools – special editions CodeSite, AQtime, IP*Works components, FinalBuilder (in the Enterprise edition), and visual PHP development in RAD Studio add to an already impressive array of tools
  3. Get free earlier versions – your XE purchase gives you free access to earlier versions of the tool you buy including Delphi 7, C++Builder 6 and Delphi and C++Builder 2007-2010
  4. Confirm your eligibility for future upgrades to 64-bit and cross-platform – when you upgrade to XE, you’ll be eligible for upgrade pricing to future versions and we have exciting plans around 64-bit, mobile, and cross-platform development that you won’t want to miss
  5. Join the crowd that loves XE - Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself what users are saying about XE
Extra Savings on Enterprise Upgrades
As part of this offer, you also qualify for special limited time pricing on Enterprise upgrades so you can get DataSnap XE, expanded dbExpress database server connectivity, FinalBuilder Embarcadero Edition and all the other great Enterprise functionality at the lowest price yet.

Here are some of the upgrade prices you qualify for:

New User
Upgrade Price
Delphi XE Professional
C++Builder XE Professional
RAD Studio XE Professional
Delphi XE Enterprise
$999 (regularly $1,299)
C++Builder XE Enterprise
$999 (regularly $1,299)
RAD Studio XE Enterprise
$1,499 (regularly $1,799)

Architect edition upgrades are also available. If you see in the descriptions that the upgrades are only for 2007-2010 users, don’t worry. We’re modifying the version checking to allow v2006 and earlier users to register upgrade products purchased during this special offer window.  Prices in US dollars.

Remember, if you don’t upgrade by March 31st, your upgrade eligibility will expire again and you will have to pay the new user price for XE or future versions. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity. This is a great time to make the move to RAD Studio XE, Delphi XE or C++Builder XE.

What Are Users Saying About XE?
"The BEST Delphi since version 7. A real game changer." - Andrew Tierney
"I'm switching from RS2010 to XE as my default IDE." - Robert Dawson
"I'm a Win32-guy and I really like the new release." - Daniel Wolf
"XE feels like a solid improvement over 2010." - Moritz Beutel


RichardS said...

"If you're considering an Enterprise upgrade, you can combine this with the Enterprise edition upgrade discounts that we're currently offering and save even more."

Could you clarify this for me? I have interpreted this to mean that I could "jump" from Delphi 5 Pro to Delphi XE Enterprise for the same special promotion price as moving from Delphi XE Pro to Delphi XE Enterprise, ie. combine the "amnesty" with the "upgrade from Pro to Enterprise" offer.

In UK prices, this would be £424 for the upgrade as the "special offer"

However, my supplier tells me this is not the case and I can only go from D5 Pro to XE Enterprise by paying £708 - which I believe is the "normal" price for going from Pro to Enterprise. So actually he's saying the two offers can't be combined.

Any light you can shed would be welcome.

Tim said...

Sorry for the confusion. If you look at the pricing at you qualify for the pricing in the "Special Upgrade" column instead of the "Regular Upgrade" prices. That Special Upgrade pricing is available until the end of the month and then the prices go back to the regular prices.

The "Upgrade from XE Pro" products can only be registered by users who previously registered an XE Pro product.

RichardS said...

Thanks for clearing that up - my mistake, but it's possibly not quite as clear as it could be!

Will be going ahead with the upgrade, and I do appreciate the amnesty.