March 4, 2011

RAD in Action - Delphi Labs and Cloud Computing

We have two great new additions to our RAD Studio XE in Action series.

Delphi Labs - DataSnap

The first of the two new additions to the RAD in Action series is Delphi Labs from Pawel Glowacki. Pawel is a sales consultant and technical team lead in our EMEA region. I'm always impressed by his programming skills and insights. In the first Delphi Labs series he focuses on DataSnap development with weekly tutorial videos, tech papers, and source code downloads. You can see the latest episode and catch up on any earlier ones that you may have missed by visiting the Delphi Labs page

Developing for the Cloud using RAD Studio XE

The second of our new topics is Cloud Computing with David I. The Developing for the Cloud with RAD Studio XE webinar will show developers how to leverage cloud computing architectures, storage and services to build and deploy distributed applications using Embarcadero RAD Studio XE. Whether you are currently developing for the cloud or considering using the cloud for future application development, you’ll want to attend this free, live technical webinar. You can learn more about the webinar and register at

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