May 27, 2011

Upgrade pricing for v2006 and earlier users ends Tuesday

We recently re-opened the upgrade window to allow registered users of 2006 and earlier versions of Delphi, C++Builder and Borland Developer Studio to upgrade to the XE versions. If you have one of those older versions, you only have until end-of-day this coming Tuesday May 31, 2011 to buy at the upgrade price. After that you'll have to again pay the full new user price if you want to move to XE or a future version.

Remember you can also combine this eligibility with the Get RAD Studio at the Delphi/C++Builder price offer and pay just the Delphi or C++Builder upgrade price and get full RAD Studio XE with Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism and RadPHP.

Here's the link with all your choices for How to Buy.


Dorin Duminica said...

I wouldn't worry too much, the best offers are still to come!!

Jennifer said...

Such as...?

Tim said...

We don't have any plans for upgrade discounts for v2006 and earlier users for the remainder of the year.

2cents_From_ISV said...

I took the offer and purchased 2 licenses for new employees (D3 from Ebay -> Rad Studio XE). After installing Delphi XE, trying to compile our applications and admiring all those nice the "this feature is only available in the XXX-Version of this (limited third party bla bla edition) product" messages, we "downgraded" to Delphi 2007 and are happy for the moment.

From what I read, I expect the 64 bit compiler to break even more code. Well done - as a CEO/CTO I guess we will have to spend big $ in microsoft tools @ some time in the future - why go through all the pain of unicode / 64 Bit migration when a rewrite may give you a clean platform. Delphi was great in it's epoche - thank you very much for picking that product up - but it's going downhill quite fast now ...

Embarcadero might want to offer Delphi 7 and Delphi 2007 licenses again - this will generate an considerable amount of money - but I don't see any future for 64bit / OSX / Linux / whatever Versions with a dump of "limited" third party addons.

Tim said...

Delphi XE includes free earlier versions including Delphi 7 and 2007 so people in the situation you mention have access to the older version licenses if they need them while they make the transition to Unicode.

There are a lot of resources on the migration upgrade center area of the Embarcadero web site to help with the switch to Unicode.

There definitely is some work involved to make the transition to Unicode but I think most people find it isn't as difficult as they first thought it might be and takes much less time than recreating entire applications using something else.

There should generally be very few changes required for 64-bit.

Time Bandit said...

Long time Delphi developer, using it since version 1.

Tired of waiting for the Linux version (still on the roadmap, but nowhere to be found yet), I moved to QT with QtCreator.

I can build apps and compile them for Windows 32/64 bits, Linux 32/64 bits and OSX.

And on top of that, it's Free.
Check it out