November 2, 2011

There's a new white paper on FireMonkey available from the RAD in Action - FireMonkey page. You can download the whitepaper from

Here's an abstract:

Discover FireMonkey, The Next Generation Business Application Platform by Marco Cantù

In this whitepaper, Delphi Expert Marco Cantù introduces FireMonkey, the next generation business application platform and guides you through the key features while building simple real-world applications for Windows, Mac, and iOS. This paper is meant for developers already familiar with Delphi or C++Builder, and will help you get started and understand the role of the various technologies that are part of FireMonkey, while building business applications.  You will see how you can connect to data from a database, a middle-tier DataSnap server (also built in Delphi), or a cloud-hosted database.


David said...

Interesting white paper. In theory FireMonkey would be great for our Delphi applications which already include display and basic manipulation of 3D objects using GLScene. We would be happy to have iOS support and even OSX could be useful.

Unfortunately there is a fundamental problem. About 60% of our users are running the software under Citrix or virtual desktops. This is OK with GLScene because the old Software OpenGL implementation works under Citrix. By my understanding FireMonkey on Windows insists on using Direct3D which is NOT available under Citrix.

So nice try but in its current implementation it is useless to us. You need to make OpenGL an option for 3D rendering on Windows or find some other solution that will work on virtualised desktops - we might not like it but they are the future of a significant portion of corporate desktops.

deksden said...

VMware and parallels work ok with firemonkey app/Delphi IDE.

Anonymous said...

FireMonkey apps with 3D rendering objects don't works at Virtual Machine environments.