March 4, 2012

Windows and Mac Development with C++ Webinar

Here's an invite to a new webinar on C++ development for Windows and Mac with C++Builder XE2 and FireMonkey.

Free Webinar: Create Windows and Mac Apps from a Single C++ Codebase with C++Builder XE2

Join Embarcadero and TechXtend for a free technical webinar: Windows and Mac programming with FireMonkey and C++Builder

Join us at this free online event to get a first-hand look at how FireMonkey enables C++ developers to build visually spectacular business applications that are faster, more visually stunning and more connected -– all with native performance on Windows and Mac.

Windows and Mac Programming with FireMonkey and C++Builder
Live Webinar – March 15th

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FireMonkey is the first native CPU and GPU powered platform for rich business applications and is now available to C++ programmers in new C++Builder XE2!

See what all the excitement is about and learn how to:

  • Create GPU-powered HD and 3D user interfaces and highly visual business applications
  • Build applications once and deploy to both Windows and Mac
  • Extend your multi-tier DataSnap applications with new mobile and cloud connectivity using RAD Cloud
  • Connect any type of data to any user interface element and visualize live data graphics with LiveBindings
  • Use the power of the C++ programming language and libraries with the speed of RAD/Visual development
  • FireMonkey is designed for packaged, enterprise and technical industry software, enabling you to easily develop visually stunning and highly connected applications for Windows and Mac.

FireMonkey applications are 100% CPU and GPU native, which means your applications will have the performance that you simply can’t get from RIA platforms, virtual machine runtimes and dynamic languages.

Coding in FireMonkey is fun, easy and amazingly flexible and powerful. Join us for this webinar and learn more!

This webinar is presented by Embarcadero and North America reseller partner TechXtend. Anyone worldwide is welcome to attend the webinar. Any pricing or offers mentioned are only available to attendees from the US and Canada when purchasing through TechXtend.

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