April 25, 2012

AppWave for Delphi and other commercial apps

In my previous blog post, I mentioned the new AppWave Store and why I like it. One of the questions that came up was what about AppWave for Delphi, RAD Studio, C++Builder or other commercial software beyond the free apps in the store? Here's the answer.

How to use AppWave for Embarcadero tools, other commercial apps, and your own company apps
You can get all the benefits of AppWave for the Embarcadero tools that you use and for other commercial apps that you may be using with what I call the "AppWave enterprise server". That's not the official name of it but that's how I think of it. You install the server software within your company and you can manage the licenses and software distribution for:

  • Embarcadero tools you might be using including Delphi, C++Builder, InterBase, ER/Studio, and DB PowerStudio
  • Other commercial apps from Adobe, Microsoft, Red Gate, Quest and others
  • Your company's own internal software applications and intranet links

Your first step is to download and install the AppWave server. It's free and it's easy to set up. Then you get all of the free apps that are available in the store plus the ability to manage commercial/paid software.

How to get Embarcadero developer and database tools for your company's AppWave server
You have two choices here depending on if you just want certain products a la carte or if you want licenses for everything for the most flexibility. You can:

  1. Buy AppWave enabled individual Embarcadero product licenses. When you go to purchase a tool like Delphi, you have two choices. You can purchase named user ESD licenses where you get a software download and serial number, or you can purchase AppWave licenses where the licenses and software management are done through AppWave. With AppWave you can also choose named user or concurrent user options. The AppWave licenses aren't available through the Embarcadero online store so you should contact an Embarcadero sales rep or partner to purchase them
  2. Buy Embarcadero All-Access licenses. With All-Access you purchase licenses that are good for a wide range of Embarcadero developer and database tools (similar to MSDN in the Microsoft world).  This is the best way to make sure everyone has access to whatever tools they need, whenever they need them. New user All-Access licenses are available via the Embarcadero online store but if you already own any Embarcadero tools, you're better off contacting sales or a partner to get the upgrade price on All-Access

How to make other commercial apps available via your company's AppWave server
AppWave offers support for many of the commercial applications that your company may already be using from companies like Adobe, Red Gate, and Microsoft. The cool thing about using AppWave to manage those apps is you don't have to purchase new licenses for your other software to use it with AppWave.

AppWave works with the software you already have and the licenses you have already purchased. You just pay a small fee to manage those licenses and distribute the software via AppWave so your users can have the easy AppWave experience and you can better track and manage the licenses that you own.

You can see the list of supported commercial apps here. And you can contact and Embarcadero rep to get pricing on making those apps available to your users via AppWave.

Making your company's internal apps more easily available to your staff with AppWave
You can also make your company's internal applications available via AppWave with something called AppWave Studio. This is the same technology used to create all of the apps in the AppWave Store. When you create AppWave app versions of your internal apps, your staff gets easy access to them via the AppWave browser so they can always find and use the latest version without any install hassles.

There are also other administrator functions that help manage the licenses, manage what software is available to users, and see reports on usage.

So as you can see, AppWave is a lot more than just a store full of free apps. You can discover more of the things you can do with AppWave on the AppWave web site.

Here's the AppWave browser on my computer, showing some of the 
Embarcadero tools available via my Embarcadero All-Access license

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