September 29, 2012

What's New in Delphi XE3, HTML5 Builder and RAD Studio Webinar On-Demand

I always like seeing the feedback we get on our webinars whether it's praise, questions or suggestions. One of my recent favorites is this comment about the What's New in Delphi XE3 and HTML5 Builder webinar last Monday featuring David I.

"What a huge width and depth of functionality and information presented by David I, using multiple GUI components, computers, operating systems and VMs, and demonstrating pictures within pictures within pictures;  all illustrating the functionality available using XE3, FireMonkey and HTML5 Builder.  It was also well up to date showing things like Metropolis and Windows 8 flavours.

This two hour presentation was filled with the widest level of detail David I has ever presented, as far as I remember, even though his past presentations have been chock-a-block full.  His depth of knowledge also makes one utterly envious...

Congratulations on a fabulous presentation."

- Webinar attendee from Australia

You can watch the replay online by just filling out a quick form and getting the link to view the replay in your email a few seconds later. After being on all three sessions myself answering questions from the attendees and seeing all the great info that was presented, I definitely recommend it.

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