April 5, 2013

New Delphi Webinar: The Multi-Device Enterprise with Delphi

If you're a Delphi or RAD Studio developer, you won't want to miss this upcoming free webinar on multi-device enterprise app development with Delphi. Register now to attend one of three sessions April 11 or to get a link to the on-demand version after the live event.

The Multi-Device Enterprise with Delphi - April 11, 2013
Learn about multi-device, data-driven app development with Delphi
Attend this informative webinar to learn how you can use Delphi to help satisfy the enterprise’s need to support multiple devices on desktops, servers, web, mobile and multi-tiers in their infrastructure.

Register for Webinar
Thursday, April 11, 2013
6:00AM PDT / 9:00AM EDT / 13:00 UTC
11:00AM PDT / 2:00PM EDT / 18:00 UTC
5:00PM PDT / 8:00PM EDT /
11:00AM 12-Apr Australia EDT

Organizations need to support a wide array of devices that their employees are using to be more productive as well as support for software architectures including cloud computing, multi-tier, REST, SOAP web services, and more. When you use Delphi, your apps integrate with ISV and enterprise-class databases including SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, InterBase, SQL Anywhere, SQLite, MySQL, and with cloud services including Windows Azure and Amazon.

Learn how to:
  • Leverage services and sensors in your multi-device Delphi applications
  • Build multi-device Delphi applications that connect with enterprise SQL databases
  • Create multi-device Delphi desktop and mobile applications that consume web services using SOAP and REST
  • Build scalable multi-tier, multi-device (Windows, Mac and iOS), master detail database applications

Who should attend:
  • Software Developers
  • Development Managers
  • Project and Product Managers
Don’t miss out on this exciting learning opportunity. Register now!

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