September 13, 2013

Video: What's New in RAD Studio XE5 and Delphi XE5

See what's new in RAD Studio XE5 and Delphi XE5 in this video and how you can create apps for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X from a single codebase.

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Embarcadero® RAD Studio XE5 is app development for teams building multi-device, true native apps for Android and iOS, and getting them to app stores and enterprises fast. Software development teams are under growing pressure to deliver apps for multiple devices simultaneously and on time. But coding and managing different code bases and APIs for multiple platforms, databases and devices is costly and time consuming. With the new native Android and iOS support in RAD Studio XE5, developers can now build apps using the same source codebase without sacrificing app quality, connectivity or performance, and target the largest addressable mobile markets in the world.

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