January 3, 2014

Recent Delphi and RAD Studio Webinars on Demand

There have been a lot of great webinars in our RAD in Action series over the past several months plus the CodeRage online Delphi conference. If you have some free time this weekend, check out the best of these webinars on-demand and companion source code and white paper downloads.

RAD-in-Action Multi Device Apps CodeRage8 On Demand RAD-in-Action Embrace-and-Extend
Universal Enterprise Data Connectivity RAD in Action RAD in Action FireMonkey

And get ready for CodeRage C++ coming in February. Call for papers and pre-registration are open now!

1 comment:

RichardS said...

Why do we have to register to see them? Embarcadero must have my details on file about 50 times now, though it never seems to send me any more intelligent emails (Yes, thank you, I have already upgraded, stop asking me if I want to.)