March 24, 2014

InterBase Report - Mobilizing Enterprise Data: Top 5 mistakes and how to avoid them!

If you're using InterBase or if you're building applications that include database access, you will want to check out this new report on mobilizing enterprise data.

Mobilizing Enterprise Data:
Top 5 mistakes and how to avoid them!

Many businesses today are looking to identify opportunities to increase efficiency in their business processes and to expand opportunity by using apps on mobile devices. While this is positive, organizations must manage the initiative correctly in order to minimize risk of failure, as getting it wrong can cost much more than just the initial budget allocated for the project; in both time and money, it can severely damage an organization’s reputation.

Mobile is well suited to new working practices from a technology standpoint, but there are a number of issues that organizations must consider from legal and practical perspectives to ensure the best outcome in the longer term. These include:
  • Data governance to enterprise architecture
  • Data protection compliance
  • Business risk with off-site data
  • Storage and management of at-rest data on device
  • Operation change / reliance risk
This report summaries the challenges of mobilizing data for business and articulates the most common mistakes that organizations make, alongside providing guiding principles for mobilizing enterprise data. The report is intended for CIOs, data controllers, custodians, owners, stewards, database administrators, software developers as well as legal departments within an organization.