August 11, 2015

Object Pascal Handbook eBook Free when you Try or Buy Delphi or RAD Studio XE8

You may have seen the recent buzz about the new Object Pascal Handbook by Marco Cantu.

Now you can get a free ebook PDF copy of the book if you are a registered user or registered trial user of RAD Studio XE8 or Delphi XE8

If you have purchased Delphi XE8 or RAD Studio XE8
  • Buy RAD Studio XE8 or Delphi XE8 with Update Subscription
  • Be sure to install and register your XE8 product. The download page will check to see if you are a registered user. 
  • Go to to download the ebook
  • Note: This is an updated/final version of the book as of August 2015. If you downloaded a copy of the pre-release book earlier, you can go back to that link and get the final version
Get the Object Pascal Handbook ebook free when you try RAD Studio XE8 or Delphi XE8
If you're interested in purchasing a printed copy of the book, see Marco's blog post on how to buy a printed copy.

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