September 4, 2009

DevExpress Announces Full Support for Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010

Great to see Developer Express announcing full support for RAD Studio 2010, Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010 this week.

From: []
Subject: VCL ANN: Full Support for CodeGear RAD Studio 2010 Available (VCL Installer v46)


This update adds full support for Delphi 2010 and C++ Builder 2010 to the following VCL components:

ExpressQuantumGrid v6
ExpressQuantumTreeList v5
ExpressPivotGrid v2
ExpressScheduler v3
ExpressBars v6 and Docking Library
ExpressNavBar v2
ExpressEditors Library
ExpressSkins Library
ExpressLayout Control
ExpressPrinting System v3

All these releases are available as part of the newest update of Express Install, v1.46. To use, you must first download and install our Unified VCL Installer - Build 46. This will automatically update your current products to the most recent version(s). You can obtain this build by logging onto

Prior to installing, we ask you to review the what's new file associated with this release. You can find it at
You can also check it via your Client Center account using step-by-step instructions from

As always if you encounter any critical issues with these updates, please contact our support team immediately at and if needed, we may be able to address them in time for the next update. For new requests/issues, please use our Support Center at (You can use your Client Center login details to access this system).

Thank you and best wishes,
The Developer Express Team

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