July 14, 2010

Delphi Live conference registration discount ends July 16th

If you're planning on attending the Delphi Live! conference in Santa Clara California in August, be sure to register by July 16th to take advantage of the early bird discount and save $100-200.

If you attended Delphi Live last year, if you previously attended a Borland BorCon Conference, or if you attended one of our past four CodeRage online conferences then be sure to register for Delphi Live! using this alumni link and you'll get the early bird discount plus the conference organizers will give you a free notebook/netbook computer with a 3-4 day conference registration (not the 1 or 2 day passes).

The conference team has a great set of sessions planned, including a "meet the team" session with members of the Delphi development team. I'll be there too.

More information about Delphi Live! is available at www.delphilive.com.

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