July 12, 2010

Interesting survey results on Windows 7 usage

Embarcadero published a press release today with some of the results from a survey that was recently conducted and previously mentioned on this blog. This first part of the survey results Survey: Majority of App Developers on Windows 7 Bandwagon includes stats from the Windows 7 portion of the survey.

Some of the highlights of the survey results are:

  • 54% indicated that they are currently developing applications for Windows 7
  • 25% said they plan to start developing Windows 7 applications in the next year 
  • The majority plan to develop Windows 7 desktop applications first, with database applications second on the list, followed by utilities/tools 
  • More than 10% said their biggest Windows 7 development challenge is having to learn something new
  • Only 3% of respondents cited Windows 7 stability and performance as a development challenge
See the full press release on the Embarcadero web site for more info or the copy on the Embarcadero Developer Network which includes a chart of the Windows 7 features developers are most excited about.

Network World also had an interesting take on the results that Microsoft can thank Apple for Windows 7's popularity.

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