September 7, 2010

Access to older versions included with Delphi XE, C++Builder XE, Delphi Prism XE and RAD Studio XE

One of the great things about Delphi XE, C++Builder XE, Delphi Prism XE, and RAD Studio XE, is that you now get access to older versions at no extra charge.

This is great for teams adding team members who need to work on apps built with multiple versions of the products so you get licenses for the older versions you need plus the latest version.

Which earlier versions do you get access to?
Delphi XE -> Delphi 2010, Delphi 2009, Delphi 2007, Delphi 7
C++Builder XE -> C++Builder 2010, C++Builder 2009, C++Builder 2007 and C++Builder 6
Delphi Prism XE -> Delphi Prism 2011, 2010 and 2009
RAD Studio XE -> all of the above

How does it work?

If you purchase individual named user licenses, 5-packs or 10-packs, just go to after you register your XE product serial number. You can enter your registered XE serial number and get serial numbers and downloads for the older versions. Those licenses will be tied to your user account and cannot be given away or sold. If your XE license is an upgrade, you will not receive duplicate licenses for the older version(s) you upgrade from.
You must request your older version licenses within 180 days of your purchase of the XE product.

If you purchase Network Named ToolCloud or Network Concurrent ToolCloud licenses, the older version licenses for versions 2007-2011 will be included as part of your network license. Each network license count is a suite license that can be used to run one of the included versions at a time. You can also get Delphi 7 and C++Builder 6 licenses on request. The Delphi 7 and C++Builder 6 licenses are single named user serial numbers and aren't managed via your license server or ToolCloud.
Older versions are not included with Academic licenses.

Questions that have come up and answers....

The first time I tried to request my older version licenses via the web page, it didn't work. Is it fixed?
Yes. There as initially a problem with an error message showing for languages other than English. That has been fixed.

Can I give away or sell my older version licenses?
No. They are considered part of your XE license and are tied to your user account. They cannot be given away or sold.

I already had version 2010, upgraded to XE. I went to the page to request another 2010 license but it sends me the same 2010 serial number I already had. Why is that?
Your earlier 2010 license and the XE you upgrade to are considered one named user license that covers both versions. If you are in that situation and go to the web page and request a 2010 license as an XE user, you will just get a re-send of your existing 2010 serial number and not an additional 2010 serial number.

If I buy an Architect edition, why do I only get Enterprise editions of some of the older licenses?
Some of those earlier products are only available in Professional and Enterprise editions.

Why don't I get the old Delphi for .NET personality of RAD Studio 2007?
That is an old technology that was replaced by Delphi Prism and we don't want to encourage use of that old product.

Why can't I get version 2006 or the much older versions?
Version 2006 included some third party licensed code that we are no longer able to ship. Delphi 6 and earlier and C++Builder 5 and earlier were discontinued years ago and we don't have plans to bring them back.

Why can't I manage Delphi 7 and C++Builder 6 licenses via my license manager and ToolCloud?
Those versions used an earlier version of our licensing technology. We are looking at offering those older versions via InstantOn in a future version of the ToolCloud.

Why do I have to request the older serial numbers and downloads separately? Why don't you just send them all at once when I buy XE?
It could be a little confusing for some customers when they purchase RAD Studio XE and receive twelve different serial numbers and download links. We tried to keep it simple by just delivering the XE license and allowing them to request the other licenses as needed.

Why is there a limit of 180 days to request my earlier version licenses? 
The earlier version fulfillment page for purchasers of this XE version will stay available for 6 months after the date we stop selling this version. The limit isn't technically applied to each individual user's purchase date.

If you have any more questions on the included earlier version licenses, you can ask them by commenting on this blog post and I'll be happy to answer them.


Anonymous said...

And loyal users that have all the previous versions get rewarded with... nothing.

Jennifer said...

And loyal customers that have all previous versions are rewarded with... nothing

Jennifer said...

Sorry, something went wrong

Anonymous said...

"And loyal customers that have all previous versions are rewarded with... nothing"

Groan. They do a good thing, and they still get complained at...

Anonymous said...

That's a very very good, specially for those making libraries or controls. Now they can check their product against older version of Delphi/Builder.
And will promote more control makers to swicht to Delphi/Builder, and with more 3rd party more users come in.


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see the only 16bit version of Delphi... The Delphi 1 to be listed. :)

Anonymous said...

Please emphasise the "180 days" part.

Good move btw; this helps companies hiring new people to maintain old stuff.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: I think that Delphi 4 was the last version that included Delphi 1.

I remember correctly the reason because of the legal stuff around the SundaK, MondaK, etc problem. It was horrendously expensive to certify Delphi 1 for that.


Anonymous said...

When you upgrade to a newer version, you were actually transferring your licence from the old one to the newer one. Legally speaking, you were not suppose to use the older version after you upgraded. If you purchase XE, the new XE license now allows us to use the previous versions without breaking any laws. Now loyal users get rewarded with the legal use of previous editions without further charge.