December 27, 2010

PHP and Facebook Development Webinar Replay and Tech Papers

We've added a replay recording of the webinar "Simple solutions for developing PHP web and Facebook applications" to the PHP development resource center.

Visit to see the webinar replay along with other videos and download three technical papers:

1. Creating Your First Facebook Application
Learn how to build a PHP application and deploy it on Facebook.

2. DataSnap Client Development with RadPHP
Extend the reach of multi-tier applications built with Delphi DataSnap technology on Windows by building a PHP client application.

3. Using RadPHP XE with Existing PHP Applications
RadPHP XE, in addition to its visual editing capabilities, provides existing PHP developers a powerful IDE with and integrated debugger. Even if you are not interested in RPCL applications or in visual development, RadPHP can help you with your PHP development.

More on RadPHP


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm blind but I don't see a "replay" link on that page.

Tim said...

Problem fixed and the correct version of the page is visible now. Sorry about that.

Ellen Wills said...

Thanks for share this informative blog.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing that. I was really looking forward to the replay since I couldn't make the webinar!