May 20, 2011

Delphi Wins the Code Project Members Choice Award

Just got back from Atlanta where we had a great week at Tech Ed 2011.

Things started off Sunday evening when Delphi XE received the Code Project Members Choice Award for Best Programming Language. It was our second win in two years. Thank you to everyone who voted for Delphi.

At our booth with the Code Project award certificate

I have more photos from Tech Ed and I'll post them soon.


LachlanG said...

Not a bad effort to win an award from a site that has next to zero Delphi content on it.

Jennifer said...

@Lachlan: Is that relevant...?

Pani said...

Didn't have the chance to vote :(

Jennifer said...

And still they got the award, indeed. :)

john said...

The other year Realbasic got the prize there and just like Delphi there's almost zero Realbasic content. Incidentally when I looked for any mention of the award for RB on the codeproject site I couldn't find it. It was all rather mysterious