August 20, 2011

Get a free Delphi/FireMonkey notebook at US and Canada RAD XE2 World Tour events

Here's a look at the Delphi XE / FireMonkey notebooks that we'll be giving away to attendees of the RAD Studio XE2 World Tour events in the US and Canada and the Delphi Live! conference in San Jose, California (while supplies last). You see either the Delphi XE2 image or the FireMonkey image when you look at it from different angles.

Register now for one of these events so you can get your notebook, a chance to win a great prize at each event, and special pricing on Delphi XE2, C++Builder XE2, RAD Studio XE2, RadPHP XE2 or Embarcadero Prism XE2. It's definitely worth a couple hours of your time.



Jennifer said...

Why US and Canada only? Are Europeans children of a lesser god again?

Sebastian said...

Of coure europeans are less worth than american guys.

We don't get cool notebooks. We aren't allowed to register for lotteries / raffles, and we have to pay the U.S. price with a 1:1 conversion rate in EUR, which makes the U.S. Embarcadero guys laugh at us because we a) pay nearly a 1.5 premium than americans and b) we have to add another 19% VAT here in germany. That's almost twice the U.S. price over here for every single embc. product.

Adam Johnston said...

In OZ we go a free FireMonkey T-Shirt :>

Anonymous said...

These guys are lame!

I'm still using my free VS2010 Pro which MS gave me for attending a local DevDays event in my country, located in East Europe. Go figure :))

Resches said...

Love Delphi hate the idea that each country pays a hugely different price. Oz is getting screwed over as much as you Euro guys.
Embaradero needs to fix this.