November 10, 2011

Hotfix 1 for Delphi XE2, C++Builder XE2 and RAD Studio XE2 is now available

Hotfix 1 for C++Builder XE2, Delphi XE2 and RAD Studio XE2 is now available from

RAD Studio XE2 Hotfix for QC 100661 and QC 100640

This software patch is being provided to licensed users of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2. Installation and use are governed by the license statement for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2.

This Hotfix applies to:
Product: Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder
Version: XE2
Update level: Update 2
Editions: Enterprise, Architect, Professional
Languages: English, German, French, Japanese

Description of updates that are included in this hotfix:

Internal Tracking Number(s): 288576/QC 100661, 288563/QC 100640
This fix corrects the following bugs:

1. 288576/QC 100661
Linker error caused when building a C++ FireMonkey application for OS X (Snow Leopard or Lion).

2. 288563/QC 100640
Compilation errors using C++ FireMonkey applications with STL containers for OS X (Snow Leopard or Lion).

Install instructions:

1. Make backup copies of the following files in your \\Program Files\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\9.0\ directory:

2. Place the into the \\Program Files\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\9.0\ directory.

3. Extract the

Copyright 2011, Embarcadero Technologies. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

I know it is hard to make software bug-free.

If the compiler can't compile and the linker can't link, why was it released?

I don't expect Embarcadero to test their software as extensively as the folks behind sqlite test their embedded database.

But somebody needs to introduce them to the concept of unit testing and continuous integration testing and have the authority to enforce it. It only hurts momentum initially but actually speeds up releases once it is in place.

To Embarcadero: I hope you succeed with RAD Studio XE3 in 2012. And I hope you consider embracing & extending NASM, llvm and clang instead of biting off more than you can chew for 2012...good luck.

Jerome Scott II said...

The linker is still broken for Mac OS X for Mac. You get ilinke32 exit code 3. Tested on update 2