March 22, 2012

Why now is the best time to upgrade to Delphi XE2

There are many reasons to upgrade to Delphi XE2 from a product perspective like FireMonkey, Mac, mobile development, 64-bit, VCL Styles, RAD Cloud / DataSnap and everything else that makes Delphi XE2 so exciting.

This is another view on why it's important to upgrade now, from a pricing and promos perspective.

As you may know, upgrade pricing on Delphi XE2 for 2007 and earlier users ends March 30th. There are no plans to extend it again.

That means if you want to upgrade from a 2007 or earlier version of Delphi, C++Builder RAD Studio or Borland Developer Studio to an XE2 version, you only have until March 30th to get the upgrade price.

How much do you save?

  • Delphi XE2 Professional $499 until March 30, then $899 starting April 1. Save $400
  • Delphi XE2 Enterprise $1,299 until March 30, then $1,999 starting April 1. Save $700
  • Delphi XE2 Ultimate $1,999 until March 30, then $2,999 starting April 1. Save $1,000
  • Delphi XE2 Architect $2,299 until March 30 then $3,499 starting April 1. Save $1,200

(these are US dollar prices but they should give you a general idea)

You won't get a better deal if you wait...

I can't tell you the details of the promos planned for next quarter but I can say you will get the best deal if you upgrade to Delphi XE2 now.

1. If you're upgrading from 2007 or earlier, you should take advantage of the upgrade price now because it won't be available next quarter. 
2. If you buy now, you qualify for the BOGO offer which expires March 30th and get to choose a free second tool.
3. The specials planned for next quarter apply to all new Delphi purchasers and anyone who has already purchased Delphi XE2. That means if you buy Delphi now, you will be eligible for the same specials in the coming months and you won't be missing out on a better deal.
Disclaimer: I can't guarantee that some other type of promo or special won't be added in the future but this is my best advice based on the plans I'm aware of.


Anonymous said...

If you think its cheap then why not just buy it (we did), its indeed a good deal for unfortunately kind of a buggy beta release. 4 fixpacks already, what a joke.

64 bit; My customers dont ask for it yet and we are missing loads of third party dll's so i'm afraid its not going to happen soon. Thats a pitty, not sure if thats going to change unless we make a couple of realy hard choices.

Firemonkey: Personally i think right now firemonkey is kind of a joke, not mature enough and not enough support in the third party world (yet). But that can change quickly and i believe a XE3 or XE4 could be very interesting. I myself am looking forward for a linux relaese instead of that silly old mac ;)

Still looking forward to the next delphi releases and hope they are a bit better then the xe2..

Mason Wheeler said...

As much as it pains me to say it, I think our anonymous commenter is right. FireMonkey has a lot of potential, but it was released way too early, and it's just painfully bad in its current state.

Until such time as it's polished up to at least the same high standard for brand new frameworks as the Delphi 1 VCL, you guys aren't doing yourselves any favors using it as a selling point.

Anonymous said...

Another selling point is that Update 5, a fix to Update 4, is rumored to be around the corner.

LoPiTaL said...

It is not Update 5 what is rumored, is Hotfix 1 for Update 4... Another fix for the fix... Not a very good selling point.
At least it is clear that they are doing efforts trying to fix the all buggy Firemonkey, which I think this is the good selling point: that you are not left alone until the next major version comes, with what it implies: money money money.
Hopefully in Update 6 or 7 (NOT in XE3) it is stable enough, so you upgrade because of new features, and not because of bug fixes.

Anonymous said...

A reason for us to upgrade would be a 64 Bit Version of the IDE. Not Firemonkey, Mac Dev and so on. To this day, we had a lot of troubles with the memory consumption of the IDE. Several Times a day the IDE tells us, that it has to less memory.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the offers. I dont think some of the posters see the advantage on them.

you are stuck in Delphi 7 you have the choice of getting a good price, for a version that will do exactly what your version of Delphi does and MORE. You think FireMonkey is not right yet, fine, let it cook for one more version.

But what about 64bit, Unicode, generics, collections, DataSnap. Those ones seemed to be very stable right now and are light years ahead of any old version of Delphi.

Complaining about lots of updates, lol, really?

again, really?