April 13, 2012

Get RAD Studio XE2 for $99 Special

Embarcadero has a new special offer where you can get RAD Studio XE2 at a big discount if you buy or own Delphi XE2 or C++Builder XE2.

Learn more about the offer here:
Get RAD Studio XE2 for $99* if you buy or own Delphi XE2 or C++Builder XE2

If you already have Delphi  XE2 or C++Builder XE2, this is a great opportunity to add an additional programming language option (C++ or Delphi) for Windows and Mac development with FireMonkey, plus Embarcadero Prism for .NET and RadPHP for web and mobile development at a great price.

If you don't have XE2 yet, this offer is the best deal for getting RAD Studio, when you buy the combination of Delphi or C++Builder plus the corresponding RAD Studio special upgrade.

*$99 US or similarly discounted international price (€99, £69, $129 Australia, ¥15000 JPY )


Anonymous said...

>> ¥15000
Can you pls explain?

USD 99 = RMB 15000 ?

1 USD = 6.4 RMB, 99 USD= 640 RMB

===> why Chinese Delphi price is so high?
you are killing the delphi users.

Anonymous said...

99 USD = 99 €UR ???

99 USD => 75 €UR !!!

Tim said...

¥15000 is the Japanese Yen price. Embarcadero's product prices for China are set in US dollars. I didn't realize that the currency symbol was the same for Yen and Yuan.

Anonymous said...

EMBT Pricing
99 USD = 129 AUD

FX Rate
99 USD = 95 AUD

Why the 30% markup in price?

Anonymous said...

How does upgrading from Delphi XE2 to RAD Studio XE2 affect those of us on the annual subscription? How does the subscription price get affected?

Anonymous said...

On the embarcadero online store comes up $140.66 Australian Dollars, Where did the $129 come from and why the mark up???

Anonymous said...

What about Brazil? It will cost 70% more like usual?

Anonymous said...

What about Brazil? Are we going to pay 70% more them USA as usual?

Anonymous said...

U are best to buy from no in usd

Anonymous said...

Yeep, I wrote many times on it, Embarcaderos should understand finally, people outside US$ want and deserve to pay EQUIVALENT amount for the same product !!! Sooner - is better, for us and them.

Also, I think, this offer is direct and fastest result of last Delphi survey. If nobody needs that ... attached to Delphi, let´s sell it for 99 bugs, folks.

Thomas Vedel said...

Yes, it is very frustrating why non US customers always have to pay more. And it is equally frustrating with all these "special offers", which means that all loyal customers that have paid full price feel stupid.

But I don't believe that the offer is only because nobody want the full RAD Studio package - maybe except users who have never used it. I have been using it for years, and will not do without any of the tools, except that I prefer Firebird over InterBase... :)