October 25, 2013

Mobile application development does not replace existing desktop needs

Here's another interesting piece of information from the recent developer survey sponsored by Embarcadero.

This shows that making a switch to mobile-only and dropping development or support for desktop apps is not a solution for the vast majority of developers. RAD Studio and Delphi give you a great solution for creating both mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop (Windows and Mac OS X) native apps using a single codebase, framework and development environment.

Click here to download the full survey results and infographic

A global survey sponsored by Embarcadero, finds that while a majority of Windows developers are experiencing great demand for mobile development, the actual delivery of these apps is being compromised due to the cost and complexity associated with supporting multiple platforms.

The survey, conducted by Dimensional Research and comprised of 1,337 Windows developers from around the world, reveals a clear disconnect between the growing interest in mobile apps and the lack of tools available to actually develop them.

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