November 8, 2012

HTML5 in Action Webinar with Jose Leon

If you're interested in the Buy Delphi XE3 and get HTML5 Builder free promotion that is going on right now and you want to learn more about HTML5 Builder - this upcoming webinar should provide some really good information.

HMTL5 in Action - Web and Mobile Apps From a Single Codebase presented by Jose Leon
See how the HTML5 Builder IDE speeds your development of Web client, Web server, and mobile apps
In this session, José Leon, HTML5 Builder R&D lead, will take you on a journey through the new HTML5 Builder IDE, showing you how to develop Web Client and Web Server apps. From a single codebase apps can target all the major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. José will demonstrate how HTML5 Builder offers a real end-to-end solution by taking you step by step through mobile development and deployment within the IDE.
You will learn how to:
  • Develop HTML5 based Web client and Web server apps
  • Develop mobile client and mobile server apps with the latest web technologies that also interact with mobile device hardware
  • Quickly deploy mobile apps to major mobile platforms
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Wednesday November 12, 2012
6:00AM PST / 9:00AM EST/ 14:00 UTC
11:00AM PST / 2:00PM EST/ 19:00 UTC
5:00PM PST / 8:00PM EST / 12:00PM 22-Nov Australia EDT

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Oliver said...

There is a typo, I think it's not Wednesday November 12 but Wednesday November 21